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Nestled on the North Shore of Lake Ontario in Brighton, Ontario, this marina has a delicious dinner onsite, known for their wonderful home cooked food and comforting hospitality. You can enjoy a meal with a view both indoors or while lounging on the patio that overlooks the marina and great view of Pesqu’ile Bay!

Whether you are on a "stay-cation" and exploring Ontario's many lovely nooks and crannies, are a sailor tootling around Lake Ontario's vast shoreline, or are a visitor doing a driving holiday; chances are good you will be stopping in the Brighton area. The area around Presquille Provincial Park (great for camping, well-worth a day trip) is nothing short of beautiful. The historical towns dotting the route between Toronto and Montreal are full of history, beauty, shopping and discovery.

We went off the beaten path ever so slightly (not on Brighton's main drag, but at the water) and sought out the Harbourview Marina Cafe. Situated as it is, on a marina, we thought our meal would be best enjoyed viewing the lake. We wanted to absorb as much of the feel for our holiday as possible.  What an unexpected treat!

We came in for a meal after doing a two-hour mountain bike ride through Presquille's magical trails. We endeavoured to freshen ourselves up, but we weren't exactly looking like shiny yachtsmen! Jeni obviously had her boating regulars, but she welcomed us, bedraggled and hungry as we were, as though we were also old friends. Even though the breakfast buffet was winding down she assured us that anything would be made fresh for us, or we could go straight to the lunch menu. My kids, ages 12 & 8 wanted lunch and my husband and I wanted breakfast. Coffee was presented and we helped ourselves to the buffet. What a treat - as someone who doesn't eat breakfast meats I was thrilled with the delicious stewed tomatoes, the steamed mushrooms and onions. Heaven! My husband compensated by happily feasting on sausages, bacon, etc. My son's hamburger was obviously homemade (so rare these days): thick, thick, juicy and cooked perfectly. I know it's good when he hums while eating! My picky 8-year-old hoovered her chicken strips before I could inquire as to how they were. The waitress was beyond friendly --so nice and attentive--and the experience started our day off brilliantly.

The restaurant was impeccably spotless (the kitchen is exposed), the views of the water gorgeous. We ate inside, but there is a lovely patio off the restaurant and adjacent to the docks and boats. If you are in the area, or merely passing through but in need of a meal, time your rest-stop to correspond to a visit to the Harbourview Marina Cafe. In this age of recession, we need to ensure that the good establishments get our support.  Seek it out - a real Canadian "treasure"!  N&P Toronto Tripadvisory review

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